The Gift Box Server



Some of the web sites that were developed by FozzTexx Enterprises are The Gift Box Server, an electronic gift registry for an entire family; CheatZilla, an interactive database containing over 20,000 video game cheats; Full System, a web hosting company; and Wookinpanub, a search engine that indexes other personals sites. The graphic design for Wookinpanub and The Gift Box Server were done by KathyStudio.

The software products developed by FozzTexx Enterprises include Mynah, a MIME mailer for computers running NeXTSTEP/OPENSTEP; and HTMLObjects, a suite of Objective-C objects designed to ease developing web-based CGI software.

Other FozzTexx Enterprises software may be found at the ftp site.

There is also a small area dedicated to some of the LEGO models designed in-house, and a photo album.

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