Fixx'm is an instant messenging client that allows you to communicate with others in real time. It is modeled after the AIM paradigm, making it much simpler for new users. Experienced users will enjoy the simple to use Drag & Drop interface instead of having to memorize tedious "slash" commands.

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  • Uses open Internet Relay Chat standard communications protocols.
  • Intuitive GUI interface.
  • No difficult to learn/memorize "slash" commands.
  • DCC chat.
  • DCC file send/receive: To send a file to someone, double click their name, say "Hi," and drag & drop the file(s) you want to send onto the window.
  • Connects to multiple IRC servers at the same time.
  • mIRC colors.
  • "Stuart-style" Alt-arrow keys for cycling windows and scrolling.
  • Profiles to keep track of channels and nick names.
  • Profiles aren't tied to a specific server.
  • Buddy List.
  • User configurable sounds to alert you to buddy sign on/off and new messages, as well as many other events.
  • Shift-Return performs "Action."

To use Fixx'm you'll need MacOS X, OPENSTEP 4.2, or Windows/OpenStep Enterprise 4.2. Under OPENSTEP 4.2 you'll need to also install IRCKit and FZBase.

The GNUstep version is currently being held up waiting for fixes to the GNUstep Foundation. See the documentation for FZBase for more details.

Download Fixx'm

MacOS X/Liberace:

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