HTMLObjects are Objective-C objects that I designed to handle the Gift Box Server. They are also being used on the Game Genie Server.

The objects allow me to specify target/action pairs for each of the links on the Gift Box pages. This makes it very easy to use one program to generate and handle all of the pages that the Gift Box Server uses.

An excerpt from the LoginHandler object of the Gift Box Server:

- showPage:sender


  anObject = [[HTMLForm alloc] init];
  [anObject setTarget:self];
  [anObject setAction:@selector(login:)];



- login:sender
  const char *p, *q, *r;

  p = [sender stringValueOf:FIELD_NAME];
  q = [sender stringValueOf:FIELD_PASS];
  r = [sender stringValueOf:FIELD_FAMILY];

As you can see, it's very easy to have the appropriate method called when the form is submitted, as well as find out what the values are in the form.

The current hierarchy of HTMLObjects is:

  • HTMLTag
    • HTMLControl
      • HTMLForm
      • HTMLList
      • HTMLMatrix
    • HTMLField
    • HTMLImage
  • HTMLPage
    • HTMLFrameSet
  • HTMLTable
  • HTMLText
    • HTMLCell

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