Large Train

The scale of this train is not the traditional Lego train scale. I built this train mostly as an experiment to see what it would look like this large.

The scale is closer to that of the track. The engine and car are 10 studs wide and 50 studs long. I built the car first, and kinda didn't really want to spend the time hunting for enough parts to make it a solid color (besides, I don't think I really have enough anyway).

The car is actually hollow, but the engine is only partially. It was easier to use 2x4 bricks to build the engine, since I had a lot more of those than 1xN bricks.

I really need to find a picture of a train that I can work from. Both of these I just made up while I was building them.

The nice thing about these being so large, I'm certain I could shove my 6.270 board and battery packs entirely into the engine, instead of having it in a separate car.

Also, the engine is built with the 9 volt train motor. It required me to put the controller all the way up to the third notch before it'd even move. Unfortunately, the only 9 volt track I've got right now is the tiny loop that came with the Cargo Railway.

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