Rubber Band Gun

I designed this rubber band gun many years ago, because I couldn't find a satisfactory one, and the house was getting quite a few flies in it.

I pretty much use the rubber band gun for shooting flies. I had modified a toy gun I had by taping a couple of pencils to the barrel to extend it to be much longer. The normal length of the barrel was much to short to shoot a rubber band with any kind of force. Unfortunately, I lost that gun.

It was only recently that I was finally able to document the steps involved in building the gun. I've had this gun sitting around for years and years, always waiting for some way to document it so I could take it apart.

To make these instructions I used an Apple QuickTake 150. I slowly disassembled the gun piece by piece, taking photos along the way. I then went through and cropped the photos and renamed them so the steps were in the correct order. Then I drew in the lines to indicate where the bricks are.

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