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Mynah is a MIME Mailer for the NeXTSTEP platform. It has been designed to be a (mostly) drop in replacement for NeXT's It has several important features which go beyond's shortcomings.

Mynah is capable of automatically decoding messages in the following formats: In a message body, Mynah displays the filename of an attachment below the icon. This makes it easy to locate your file when you drag & drop it into another folder in Workspace.

When dealing with BinHex attachments, Mynah decodes the attachment into AppleDouble format, making the data fork easily available. It also will make the file appear to be a Macintosh file if the filesystem is visible on a Macintosh (via a product like NFS/Share). [rewrite needed]

Mynah also has X-Face support, which will automatically decode and display X-Face headers just like a normal face; uses the same AddressBooks that the Workspace Manager and the Fax panel use; and has the capability to thread mailboxes.

These are just some of Mynah's features. See below for more features.

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